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I am the Vine: 5/22/16

Pastor Phil Allen

Exploring Your Faith

Exploring Your Faith is a study we are going through together as a church. Daystar members and regular attenders are able to download copies of the book at no charge.
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At Daystar we strive to be...
  • Christ-Centered
  • Family-Friendly
  • Grace-Guided
  • Mission-Minded


Jesus is the head of, and most important person in, the church. Therefore, we prayerfully submit all decisions to Him and try to understand and follow His guiding. This also impacts our worship. Because He is truly present, we work to engage in active, Spirit-led worship that honors and pleases Him.


As God’s people we are His family. In the spiritual sense, this leads us to live in intimate, caring relationships with one another. It also leads us to conduct business as simply as we can, understanding that we are a family, not just an organization. In the physical sense, this leads us to do all we can to foster and encourage strong relationships within our individual homes. We also understand that we all have a part to play in the ministry of Daystar and we try to serve through the gifting and empowering of the Spirit.


We know that none of us are perfect and that the church is made up of fallen people who sin and make mistakes. Because of that, we work to maintain an atmosphere that is loving and forgiving. By caring and sharing each others burdens we all try to grow together into the fullness that God intends for each one of us. We work to live out a faith that is practical, authentic and is focused on genuine spiritual growth.


God has placed us here for a purpose and we try to live that out. Locally that leads to active involvement with other area ministries, service to the community, and individually living as Jesus’ ambassadors wherever we go. Nationally and internationally that leads us to active personal involvement in both long and short-term mission projects. Additionally, we prioritize giving a significant portion of the money God entrusts to us to support His work through other ministries locally and around the world.