About Daystar

Here is a really quick look at our history and a little about us.  Daystar Christian Fellowship started as a Bible study in late 1995.  From there God has faithfully and graciously led us step by step through an amazing journey of planting a new church.  We rented space in various places and purchased our current location in 2002.  Sometimes, people wonder about our name.  The name “Daystar” comes from a reference to Jesus in 2 Peter 1:19, “until the Daystar shall arise in your hearts.”  The idea is that Jesus is a light that is bright enough to shine in the darkness and the light!  We are an independent evangelical Christian church which is congregational in structure.  More importantly, though, we are simply a group of people who think that God has something relevant and exciting to say about our lives.

What are your services like?

Our worship services feature a mixture of music styles. While we tend to be a bit more contemporary, we also believe that the depth and historical connection of traditional worship music is important. Sermons focus on practical application. The atmosphere is relaxed and casual.

What else can I expect?

We hope that there are three things you will experience here:


At Daystar, you will find a group of caring people with whom you can share both the joys and the trials of your life. We try to be open and honest, celebrating together in the good times, and supporting each other in the bad times.


We are committed to the idea that if God’s love for us is not good news, it is no news at all. God wants our lives to be filled with joy and excitement. This doesn’t mean life magically becomes easy, but it does mean we can find the underlying joy, contentment, satisfaction and peace that God offers us, no matter what life brings. We try to support and encourage one another in finding this joy in both good and bad times.


No matter where you are in life, we believe God has something to offer you. Honestly, life can be painful and frustrating. Yet, through all of the difficulty, God offers us hope. He offers us the assurance of His loving presence as we go through both the good and bad times and the certainty of a peaceful, joyful eternity with Him.