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Welcome to Daystar Christian Fellowship!

Thanks for visiting our site! Daystar is really just a group of people who think that God has something exciting and relevant to say to us. The best news in the world is that through all the ups and downs of life God really does care for us! We try to remind each other of that and to experience life together. One of the most amazing invitations in the Bible is just “come and see”. So, we would love it if you would come and see! Come and see that God really does love us and cares about us every day of our lives.

There are several ways to connect with us.

  • Join us for worship on Sundays at 10:00am. We enjoy meeting new people and offer coffee and snacks before and after service. Click here for location information.
  • Visit our calendar for upcoming events and meetings for adults and youth.
  • Send us an email below if you have more questions.
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  • Please provide if you want us to contact you via email.
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